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IDC specializes in the following services:

  • Sales and Use Taxes
  • Economic Development Services

IDC offers services for companies and organizations in various economic sectors:

  • Industry (Manufacturing and Processing)
  • Contractors & Construction
  • Retail
  • Service
  • Economic Development Corporations
  • Local Governments & Chambers of Commerce

Our Mission

IDC is dedicated to providing the highest quality services to its stakeholders. We are committed to providing our clients with new and additional resources for investment in their facilities, people, communities, and environments. We will represent our clients with integrity, dedication, and professionalism that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Our Vision

IDC is a proactively oriented firm with a commitment to continuously improve the quality of services provided to stakeholders (clients, employees, government agencies, suppliers, and society). IDC believes the best measure of success is our clients' success. Our vision is our motivation, enabling us to look beyond today to tomorrow to ensure our clients' best interests remain at the heart of what we do, which helps eliminate placing our own success ahead of our clients'. It also provides motivation and encourages personal attention to our clients and their needs. Our vision for the future is simply to continuously improve the quality of services for our clients, provide the best fees possible, and strive to make our communities better for tomorrow. As a client you have come to expect this, and as a respected firm, we should expect no less.

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics

Our Code of Conduct and Ethics is driven by our beliefs and values, which promote honesty and integrity. These beliefs and values are key to our relationships with stakeholders. Our values are simply the rules by which we strive to live: be honest, be fair, always keep your promises, respect your fellow "man", and strive each day to make the world a better

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